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Trouble Checking OutUpdated 2 years ago

Here are some common reasons which might cause issues with checkout:

  • Restricted items: Some state's Agriculture Departments restrict the import of certain plants. If a plant has a restriction you will see it on the product description pageScreenshot of the agricultural restriction on a product description pageYou will also be prevented from checking out
    screenshot of the checkout page warning
  • An item in your cart is now out of stock or a previously applied coupon code has expired. The best solutions are to either clear your cache and try again, use an incognito/private window, or try a different browser (ie Chrome or Firefox instead of Edge).

  •  Zip code issues. When entering a zip code to find your zone or select a shipping date, use the 5 digit format (12345).

    If you enter a zip code to select a shipping date and you receive an error message or the calendar won't load, we may have missed that zip code. Please email it to [email protected] and we will let you know when it's added.

  • Internet connection issues. Try a different wifi network or ensure that your current network is working properly.

If you are still having issues please email [email protected], be sure to include:

  1. What is the error? Is something not loading, is there a warning message?
  2. Are you on a mobile device or a desktop computer?
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